The Center for Antibiotic Discovery and Resistance trains students for careers in drug discovery and development. The training involves a tailored coursework and a selection of research projects in diverse areas of preclinical drug development. Fellowship opportunities are available to incoming and current graduate students to conduct research in priority areas.

Fellowship in Antibiotic Discovery and Resistance

Fellowships are awarded for one year as a $500 monthly stipend supplement to students engaged in research on antibiotic discovery and resistance in one of the CADR member groups. Fellowships are offered annually to incoming graduate students based on their fit to the CADR program. The fellowships are renewable subject to the student’s performance.

The application package should include:

  1. Name and e-mail address of the applicant
  2. A statement that an application to a Ph.D. program in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Oklahoma has been submitted.
  3. Statement of Research Interests, which highlights the applicant’s fit for the program. Applicants are encouraged to write a separate letter for this purpose although Statement of Purpose letters submitted with their application to the Ph.D. program will be also accepted.

Please send the application package to: